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Thursday, June 28th, 2007
9:23 am
Be aware, having 2 Lj's is giving me the shits so i'm going to stop using them and start another one.

Mainly because i'm too lazy to remove myself from several hundred 'friends' and groups on my main lj.

So, please go add kegzilla to your friends list and I shall do so back.

If if you don't like me, don't add kegzilla

Either way, I hope you don't have a tragic yachting accident this coming spring! :D

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Thursday, June 7th, 2007
2:16 pm
Well, the Pencampwr gan Abertridwr event was a lot of fun. I did however get a cold. Methinks that even though I don't care about the cold and a short sleeved tunic is fine I think I really should look into a cloak :P

Sewing has been going rather poorly. Mainly because I keep stabbing myself and getting cranky. Thankfully Baroness Catherine is goign to run some 14th C garb making workshops soon so hopefully with someone to stop me stabbing myself I might actually get some sewing done ;)

I've also been reading the 1340 book 'The Romance of Alexander' It is very, very cool. It's in latin so reading is out of the question but the illumination and miniatures on it are amazing. Some REALLY good garb evidence as well as some very amusing scenes. Like a rather messy looking fight between some disabled people.

Book is here. Although if you have dialup I would suggest not even bothering. It will make your connection explode, violently, in the face.

College training is on tonight, I however will not be going as I am much too better sneezing and being horridly warm and comfy in bed. :D

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Friday, February 9th, 2007
8:43 am
Blargh, it's been a while.

Im getting some valves made for me soon so I can make a water cannon and im also looking for wood for the cannon and maybe a ballista.

Today im going out to get some leather and linen. Baron nathan was nice enough to help me make some turnshoe patterns has my previous attempts have shown me that I suck :P

All going to plan I should be able to have some half decent garb for Aneala's 20th Birthday.

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Friday, September 15th, 2006
3:55 am
Well, Like I said before, here's a few pictures of the pieces of armour I intend to accumulate over the next year or two (Not much use if I can't fight)

Ideally I would have these Blackened with brass edging because it's really sexy :P

Cut for picspamCollapse )

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Thursday, September 14th, 2006
4:25 am
This is just a small to-do list for myself of things I want to get done before the end of the year.

If you have any comments about said stuff feel free to let me know. You may have a good pattern or something which would be very handy :P

Unbleached linen undershirt
Parti-tartan/black tunic
Black linen cotte
2x braies
2x sets of chausses (black and... something else)
Kidney shaped pouch
Linen arming cap
Proper sodding feast gear with either a small chest or basket.
Pewter badge of some type
Begin construction of cannon
Begin construction of Bungeelista
Source people/places to get armour
Discuss apprenticey stuff with someone, will most likely have to look out of state/country :P
Get membershp
Register the name Iohannes Mac Aodhagáin
Register this device

I will post a pictorial run-down of the armour pieces I want a bit later.

Fingers crossed :P

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Tuesday, September 12th, 2006
12:31 pm
Rah! So, Invest was this weekend. To summarise... 'Woo', 'Aww', 'Woooo', 'Ponder'

Now to Elaborate...

Was the Tourney for the the Baronial Invest. 11 fighters!! Holy crap. I love it when easties come over, especially when they have pointy hats. Also I need a Sallet as well as a Bascinet. I tried to stifle my sallet love but I cannot. They are just such a sexy helm. Of course, I would want it with a Bevor too, but the mesh chin most sca folks have.

Baron Creag and Baroness Morwenna stepping down. It was very sad, but also not as I know it's something they need. I still remember when they stood up. Was my third event I think :P But yeah, it means they get to have a lot less stress and more time to do their own stuff which is very awesome for them.

Huzzah for Lauchlan and Jane, new B&B of Aneala. It has been a.... colourful few weeks but I am vey glad everything has been sorted out. The actions of some in the group have disappointed me amazingly. It is very saddening. But hey, Lauchlan and Jane are awesome and I know they will do a wonderful job. Now I need to follow my Baronial mandate to create siege weapons :P

Had a nice big talky fest with Nyssa on the weekend which was good. It has also lead me to ponder several things about coloured belts and whatnot.
As far as SCA goes I have a few goals. These are...

  • Become King

  • Become Baron

  • Become a Knight

  • Become a Laurel

Now personally I think they are sensible goals. They will take time, But I am certain that they will be achieveable. In this current point in time I am also liking the idea of become a Squire, Protege or Apprentice. That being said I am equally unsure. I dont want it for recognition, and on the same token I dont want it so that I just become someones personal bitch. To me it is a sign of a want and willingness to learn and also that you are someone who is more than welling to help others do stuff. Almost like someone who wants to learn to fight better asks a Knight questions. If a knights isnt available then to me Squires are the next in line as to me they are in a relationship where they are most likely learning a lot more than 'Joe' who goes to training once a month and should be able to help others, even if it is only for an odd tip or shot.

This draws me to what type of student belt I would like. Now to be honest, a squires belt would be nifty. But on that note I have several problems with that. Firstly there really is only one Knight I would ever think of being a squire to. This is mainly due to fact that I know and respect him a great deal. There is also this perception of the Knight/squire worldwide boys club that really doesnt sound too appealing. I donlt want to become a squire to just be labelled a stick jock.

Protege... Well, Pelicans are mighty nifty. And I do love helping people and am usually one of the last people to leave a feast when packing up. (Sweeping a hall is good footwork practice) I don;t think it's 'me' though. I'm really not interested in running feasts and things like that. Plus most of the offices are not something I am overly interested in besides Marshal and Webminister.

To me what I would ideally like is an Apprentice belt. I mean, green is pretty, and laurels to me are like Jedi's of the bling force. The only problem I have with this is that I dont hink I know of any Laurels who would be very 'me'. True... I want to make lots of period garb, however Im not a big fan of cooking or illumination. What I am really interested in is something that would work in a fighting capacity too. Mainly due to the fact that I am a big fan of a period appearace on the list field and am also a complete whore for period fighting techniques. So to me, having an apprentice belt would be a way of reminding me that I am not only making nice clothes or whatever but that I also strive to make myself look period on the tourney/war field through my appearance and also the technique that I use.

A squire belt with a period green garter on my chausses/armour might work well :P

So yeah, those are just a few things I have been pondering. Not to mention wanting to make more weapons for Tourneys. Mmmm Ahlspiess.... Not sure it we could use hewing shields though :P

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Friday, September 8th, 2006
12:48 am
Coming soon to a journal near you....


Sexy spanish garb!


Now I just need to get this damn sewing and leather stitching done :P

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Sunday, September 3rd, 2006
1:58 am
Hmmm.... new SCA combat laws. Not too bad....

I am concerned that archers needing to have minimum heavy gear will be a shitter for noobs, but given the deadline is 2008 its not too big a deal.

Also fingered gaultlets will be easier to make. fingers can = steel, 1/4 inch closed cell. No longer completely wrapping the sides of the finger to transfer the force of the blow.

Need to start getting wood and whatnot together for making siege engines, also the bungee rubber crossbows. Stupid NSW laws not letting us take proper crossbows over. *shakes fist*

Monday I need to start patterning my new garb and then sewing (bribing others to sew) I intend to work on my belt and hand sew a some boots and maybe a pouch.

Also need to get some soapstone and pewter ingots. Need to make pretties :P

It also amuses me that I find comfort in the fact that dormant_dragon, our soon to be new baroness drinks stout. :P

I have also been told about a way of blackening steel easily that doesnt look bad. This interests me as I would dearly like to have a black heavy harness. Propane torch and a can of wd40. Will have to give this a shot on some scrab metal to see how much of a whore it is to do.

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Tuesday, August 29th, 2006
8:09 am


Enjoy :)

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Friday, August 25th, 2006
11:52 am
Well tally ho, pip pip and bernards a merovingian trollop.

Decided I should get off my arse and start updating this damn thing.

This is mainly going to be for me to post pictures of inspiration, work in progress and random SCA thoughts. Some of you may find it useful, other may find it a pain in the arse.

Firt up, i've decided im going to register the name Iohannes Mac Aodhagáin. My current SCA name Kaegan is actually an anglecised nickname for people with the surname of Mac Aodhagáin from the 17th century so I should get around to changing this. Thankfull it will still keep the nickname Keg relevant :P

I'm going to have my main focus on the 14th century. Basic persona story is that of an Irish noble (i.e. me) hot-footing it over to Germany to learn longsword and pollaxe techniques and to join up with some french and kick the shit through some dirty english types too. ;)

This will hopefully allow for a nice mix of Irish and German armour and clothing.

Baronial Invest is coming up in about 3 weeks time so im going to try and get some garb made before them. After some deliberation, i'm thinking I might go with a red plaid and black linen parti colour cotte, brais and chausses. Not sure about what I can do with shoes but im sure i'll sort something out. (i'm waffling on about the guy in the middle

I'm also putting a picture under the cut of what i'd ideally like to look like on the list field. This is a knight from the USA at the Pennsic Combat of the Thirty. I think this fellows kit is absolutely gorgeous.

Such sexy gear!Collapse )

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